Aura Club London

Aura Nightclub London

Address: 48-49 St James's St  London, Greater London SW1A 1JT

The Aura Nightclub is located very close to Piccadilly tube station and is possibly one of the London's best nightclubs.

This well known London club really does offer it all with a restaurant, nightclub and a fancy cocktail bar to appeal to everyone. The Aura Nightclub is the only nightclub in London that is a member of the World's Finest Clubs and does attract a lot of celebrity attention on nearly every night of the week!

Drinks are not the cheapest mind you and a beer will set you back about £6.50 and a bottle of wine at £30 and so if you are in for a big night make sure you have plenty of cash to spare. If looking for an Aura Table price then again you would need to check with the club or the nightclub promotions company for more information.

This again is a members only club and to gain entrance you will need to either be on the Aura Guestlist, be accompanied by a member or be a member yourself.

It is no wonder that Madonna was actually rumoured to be buying the club back in 2011 as it really does have quite a celebrity following with Christina AguileraU2Janet JacksonFlavio BriatoreBilly Zane, and Naomi Campbell all having been there in the past.

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